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My Commitments

If designed thoughtlessly, group tours can be superficial and soulless travel experiences. Too many people moving too fast through too many destinations. I view every person on my group tours as my personal travel partner. I do my very best to ensure that we all have a culturally rich experience. As your group tour leader, I make the following commitments to you …

I will hand-craft your journey
These really are “Teresa Beall” Expeditions. I hand-craft and design every one of my group tours. And I go on them. My tours are not sold by travel agents. When you call my office, you are buying directly from me. I have eliminated the middle man and can offer tours to you for a discounted price since I don’t have to pay a portion of the profits to referral sources. I depend on my satisfied clients for referrals, and we all benefit.

I will thoroughly research our destination
I conduct intensive research for every one of my tours – hundreds of hours for each trip. I have partners all over the world who help me with unique local adventures. I continually reach out to my foreign friends who offer great suggestions for how to fine tune each trip. While other tour operators try to avoid change, I embrace it. Every trip includes off-the-beaten-path experiences. My name is on every trip; it has to be the best.

I will keep the group small
My tour groups have always been small – about half the size of the typical 50 to 60 person group tours offered by “mainstream” operators. A few of my “on your own” spring trips have numbered over 60 people. For those trips, I split travelers into different hotels and arrange smaller day tours to create a more intimate travel experience. Small groups enable me to book with memorable hotels – locally owned, family operated, and unique as opposed to the Hiltons and Hyatts. Small groups can sightsee and dine in locations not equipped to handle the mass of travelers on “mainstream” tours.

I will give you the best bang for your buck
I strive to deliver finely crafted, maximum experience trips for the same price you would pay if you were traveling independently. The money independent travelers may save is quickly offset by time-and-smile sapping logistics, including hotel reservations, transportation hassles, local research. My goal is for every member of my tour to end up ahead of independent travelers – with a competitively priced tour enjoyed in the company of well-matched travel companions.

I will secure great in-country guides
The most important part of any trip is the guide. He/she can make or break the experience. I am adamant about hiring guides who I personally know and trust – or those who have been referred by those I know and trust. My guides share my love for the country we’re visiting and understand my desire to create enriching and exciting experiences for my clients. The guides I pick are engaging and knowledgeable. More than 92 percent of my tour members are repeat customers – superior in-country guides keeps them coming back for more.

I will keep “kick backs” and tips to a minimum
The common way for tour companies to offer a low “sticker price” for a trip is to pay guides very little or nothing and then encourage them to pull in “kick backs” and huge tips as personal income. I work with guides who are paid salaries, and I encourage tour members to offer minimal gratuities. This means your guide is motivated to give you the best travel experience possible. He/she doesn’t have to focus on earning extra income through tourist shopping and optional excursions.

I will keep the grumps and whiners off our trip
My tours are not for everyone. If you want to pack heavy and have a personal porter carry your bags from here to kingdom come – or if you want to whine every time we face an obstacle (and, believe me, we will face at least one biggie on every trip) – or if you want an absolute guarantee that you’ll never have to use a shared bathroom that’s located down the hall and around the corner – I’ll refer you to another company. My tours are informal, uninhibited, unique, and energetic. I have a very strict probation for my group travelers. Even if it costs me a few clients, I’ve learned that having everyone on the same page makes for happier tour groups. And, most importantly, I owe it to everyone on the trip to do my best to assemble a dynamic and cohesive group.

I will handle all the details so that you can relax
Reservations for most of my tours require a $100 to $500 deposit per person. Pay that – then relax and leave the details to me. You can expect informative e-newsletters about the journey. That doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook. Pick up a travel guide and read as much as you can before we leave. My goal is to educate you as much as possible before you depart for your trip.

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