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Packing Tips — Saving Space

  1. Wear your bulkiest clothes instead of filling up your suitcase, i.e. in the winter, put on your blazer or wear your heavy coat.
  2. Stuff shoes with socks, underwear or anything that fits. Otherwise, they are empty boxes occupying precious luggage space.
  3. Pack belts properly. Coiled, they take up a lot of room; Instead, straighten out and lay them around the edges of your suitcase.
  4. Bring a collapsible tote or day bag. If you attach the tote to your rolling bag, you won't have to carry a thing. When not in use, it packs flat in your carryon. Use it to carry snacks, magazines and paperbacks, camera, folding umbrella, or as an extra suitcase for bringing home gifts and souvenirs.
  5. For the ladies... A day bag with a handle is more practical than a purse. It will hold cosmetics, tissues, lip balm, aspirins, pen, map, mini-flashlight and so on. Zippered compartments protect sunglasses and money. It can be stashed inside your tote.
  6. Take old clothes, like socks with a snag, underwear with weakening elastic and aging T-shirts. You can wear and discard them as you go. This cuts down on laundry and creates extra room in your suitcase. Pants, sweaters and shirts that are good enough to wear, but that you don't want to keep, can be left in your hotel room for the underpaid housekeeper to take home. (Attach a note explaining that they're a gift). Leave books you've finished reading as a personal cultural exchange.
  7. Decant shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion into small plastic bottles. Fill only 5/6 full and squeeze out the excess air so they won't leak due to altitude changes. For extra spill protection, pack bottles in heavy-duty zip-top bags.

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