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Travel Design Services and Fees

From hand-crafted custom journeys to ready-to-order air and land packages.

Customizing travel plans involves a lot of work and time. Making informed decisions about destinations, transportation, and local arrangements requires an equal mix of industry knowledge and actual travel experience.

Teresa Beall Expeditions specializes in creating highly customized itineraries for both novice and experienced travelers. With 25 years of national and international travel experience, Teresa stands ready to help you create a unique travel experience – from a short weekend getaway to an adventure of a lifetime.

We regret that we are unable to assist with price-shopping inquiries or sell-offs. 

Hand-Designed Customized Itineraries

Designing travel well is an art. Teresa Beall Expeditions strives for a balance between activity and rest, between simplicity and grandeur, between order and spontaneity. While the destination is obviously central to the design process, the client’s personality and travel philosophy are equally important factors. We take the time to understand your travel goals and create an itinerary that reflects your personal interests. All hand-designed customized itineraries begin with a $200 non-refundable deposit, which is applied to the total cost of the trip.

Escorted Tours, Semi-guided Trips, and Group Journeys

Teresa and her clients have covered most of the world. Most of these clients were accompanied on part of all of their journeys by superb guides—men and women with insight, sensibility, humor, and abundant knowledge of the destination. Teresa chooses the very best local guides for her groups and her individual clients. To travel with them is a privilege.

When you join a group journey or allow us to confirm you on an escorted or FIT package, the price is the price. We charge no additional services fees. There are no hidden costs.

Domestic and International Flights

Teresa Beall Expeditions provides unbiased flight information using commercial and charter airlines, as well as discount consolidators. The service fee is $25 for domestic flights and $50 for international flights. There is a $100 fee per ticket involving the use of frequent-flyer miles.

For more information about travel services and fees, please contact us.

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